Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vacation is over....

I have taken a brief "vacation" from updating this blog this past week.  It was my spring break, but instead of spending it on a beautiful beach I spent it here in Ohio, where the weather can't make up its mind.  One day it's 77 and the next it's snowing.  But I had a lot of fun with Stacey Kay when she and her boyfriend came down to Cincinnati to visit me, and if I wasn't spending time with them perusing a menu at a delicious restaurant I was working, working, working.  That's the fun of having a retail job I guess, you never really know when you are going to get randomly called in.  I was so exhausted from this week I could not even bring myself to make anything new for this blog, though I did make a couple lame attempts.  Now tomorrow a new quarter starts at school, and I have to work 9-5.  I can't promise much, but I can promise that tomorrow after I get off work I will try my hardest to make something new to debut on here.  Hope everyone else had a great week!  Goodnight!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Green Fabric Flower!

So, last week when I posted the necklace that I made for my sister's birthday, I said that I would do a week of posts inspired by accessories made from old t-shirts that I found in my basement.  Consider this day one!  I used my boyfriend's old green t-shirt to create fabric circle cut outs that I used to make this green flower pin!  I wore the pin on St. Patrick's Day to go along with the rest of my green wardrobe!!  It could also be worn as a hair clip or attached to a headband or necklace!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Turquoise" Dangling Earrings

These earrings are made from a stone that is not actually turquoise but is similar in look and feel.  I got these stones from, of course.  I also used clear faceted glass beads in these earrings that I got last year at the Gem and Bead show that I attended in March.  I wish there was another bead show I could attend today!  But I'm sure another one will be in town soon.  Today I get to go see the Cleopatra Exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center!   Can't wait!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rose Quartz and Pearl Earrings

Here are my latest earrings made of rose quartz pebbles and some vintage pearls from an old vintage pearl necklace.  These earrings are more neutral in color tone and can be worn with a lot of different things.  The rose quartz beads were purchased on Fire Mountain Gem's website as are many of the beads  that I usually use.  I hope you enjoy!  This is going to be a very exciting weekend!!!!  Stacey Kay of Goodwill Huntingg is in town and we are going to be visiting the Cincinnati Museum Center tomorrow to see the Cleopatra Exhibit!  Can't wait!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Amethyst earrings

I used some amethyst drop stones from Fire Mountain to create these earrings, along with small glass iridescent seed beads.  Enjoy!  They could easily go with any bohemian look for some casual weekend trips out shopping or to lunch with friends!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wire Wrapped Wednesday....Buttons!

Today I took inspiration from the button book that my friend Farah gave me for Christmas....First mentioned in this post.  I really like all the fun things that are done with buttons in that book, and I have been wanting to try something with buttons, but it took me awhile to come up with anything.  For wire wrapped Wednesday this week, I used wire to "stitch" these buttons together, adding a glass bead as a pendant on the bottom.  As I mentioned Monday, these are some more earrings to add to my blog's limited collection....also look out for some tomorrow as well!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thrifting Tuesday....Freecycling!

I found a really awesome blog awhile ago.  It's called The Sisters Four Say More is More, and it is all about chic style and DIY fun.  I got inspired by all of their ideas on how to transform old T shirts into really cool DIY projects.  I started immediately storming through my basement storage boxes and finding old tees and other clothes that Drew and I tried to sell in a garage sale last year.  I wanted desperately to find something to make with all of them!  I think next week I am going to do a feature week of jewelry and accessories made from old clothes, and the best part is, they are all free because technically I already had all the clothes in my house!  So anyway, my sister Rebecca's birthday was Sunday, and I decided for my first project based on t-shirts to make her a necklace.  I used to wear the original t-shirt all the time in high school, it came originally with a matching boyfriend tank in a lighter hue underneath.  The fabric is so light and dainty, and I loved the final necklace!  My sister did too!  She was so surprised!

I gave her the shirt all wrapped up to surprise her....
She was definitely confused!
Until I gave her the final outcome!!!  I'm glad she loved it!